Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3

Happy Thanksgiving! On Thursday you laid down to take your afternoon nap and by the time you woke up your Papaw, Grammy, Grandpapa, Honey, Mema, Aunt Shelby and Uncle Clayton were here. We had eaten while you slept so it was time to play for a little while before everyone else went home. It has been a long time Young family tradition to give every family member an Indian name on Thanksgiving. This year you were “Princess Cute as a Bug” and wore a feather headdress. Here is a picture of you with Aunt Shelby, otherwise known as “Princess Silly as a Squirrel”.

On Friday we packed everything up (and I do mean everything—you are not a light packer) and headed off to Weatherford for your first road trip. You have been doing much better in the car recently, so I made you hold off on your nap and was hoping you would sleep most of the way. That backfired. You were past the point of sleepy when we finally got in the car and melted into a puddley mess. The usually 4 ½ trip was closer to 6 and you cried for about 3 of them. We got to Uncle Shane’s and Aunt Lori’s house to find most of the Bowers’ family to waiting to meet you. Everyone loves you and was happy to see how big and healthy you are!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with friends and family. You absolutely love your cousins Grace and Frank. Whenever they are around you listen to them very carefully and try to see what they are doing. They are, for the most part, the only kids you have been around and you know there is something special about them. And they love you too. Frank tells me several times a day how cute “Baby Audrey” is, and Grace is always giving you kisses and encouraging you to play. We don’t get to see nearly enough of them.

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