Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25

Merry Christmas my love!

There is a song, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth". We need to change it to "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Bottom Front Teeth to Grow in Straight". That's right, the teething has begun. For now I can feel and see the bumps on your gums, but they haven't yet cut in. I noticed this new change yesterday. I found you several times drooling, which you have never, ever done before. That was the give away. Overall, you are handling it very well. When you are sitting or laying by yourself, you are more likely to be irritable than usual. But whenever we hold you or rub our fingers along your gums you quiet down.
We figured you would have crazy teeth because most kids with SLO do. (And you happen to be especially predisposed--sorry.) But I was holding out hope that we would avoid this one syndrome related issue. No such luck. I can already tell they are growing out, not up. So we are praying that they self correct before they come poking out.

As for your first Christmas, you had a great day! We saw Honey's side of the family last night, and then today Mama's side of the family and Honey came over to eat dinner and exchange gifts. Anytime there is that many people to hold you, you are happy. Not to mention you got a lot of fun gifts that will help you learn and grow! On days like this I wish you were a little more aware of what is going on around you. Still, we started new traditions and did all the things we would do for any other baby. I realize the chances aren't high that your annual Christmas ornament will ever go on a tree in your own home, as intended. If you don't ever leave the nest it will go on a tree in your own room. But imagine if we don't prepare you now and then we get the big miracle. Your Christmas tree would be naked--what a shame that would be!

So we saw Santa Claus at the mall (he loved you by the way). Last night we went to Grammi the Great's party and then on to our Christmas Eve service at church. We read "T'was The Night Before Christmas", and the REAL Christmas Story. Your toes were painted Christmas red, and you got a special set of Christmas jammies to wake up in on Christmas morning. We made cookies for Santa, but forgot about his reindeer. Still, your stocking was stuffed and after gifts we made a yummy Christmas breakfast. You recieved an ornament from me, Honey and Grammy, and I got you your first Snowbaby (whose nails were also painted). You fell asleep from all the excitement before we could go look at Christmas lights or watch The Polar Express, but we can always do that tomorrow. Tomorrow Daddy is home from work and Aunt Paula is visiting Houston so we will have another fun filled day. I am sure to see more of my favorite smiles like these.


Hollie said...

Look at that smile! i could eat her up! :)
I am so sorry the surgery did not happen. I looked everywhere for you at church to check on you, but could not find you.

Give me the number to the insurance... I will call them and tell them they HAVE to let you have the surgery!!!
can't wait to hug you again!

Jackie said...

Amber, she is beautiful! Those are great 1st Christmas pictures! You can even see her blue eyes! I will continue to pray for you and Brad!