Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22

You and I were brave girls this morning and went to church for VBS all by ourselves. The furthest we have ever driven alone is to the grocery store, and we can pretty much get there by driving through the neighborhood the entire way. I haven't gone any further than that because when you throw up in the car, there is no way you can handle it by yourself--someone has to be back there to suction it out. You would think sitting up in your seat would make it easier to run out, but the liquid just pools up in your mouth and it is so easy for you to choke. It's inconvenient for everyone to have someone come out to the house to ride places with us, so I think it is time for us to start branching out on our own. You did well today! We got to church this morning without any incidents. Then on the way back you started warning me that you were going to be sick, and just as we turned into our neighborhood it began. Pretty good timing. I know the more we drive around the more comfortable I will be doing it. I remember how I used to stress just riding in the back seat with you, knowing I might have to suction at any moment. I don't think twice about that now. This will be another lesson in patience for me. I will have to leave plenty early, and take routes that have an easy place for me to pull over to park. That means no freeways until the vomiting gets under control. But it will be so nice to have access to stores, church and other nearish places at any time. We are growing up, you and I!

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Hollie said...

Go Audrey Girl! you looked so cute at VBS! Lillie and I stopped by to say hi!!! :)