Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17

Tonight Mama went to church and ran an errand for Daddy, and by the time I got home you were already protesting bedtime in your crib. I took a shower, and then started looking at some video clips of you laughing and being silly. I had an urge to see the real thing, and you were still fussing, so I got you out of bed to cuddle for a minute. It was a special treat, because usually when you are put to bed, you stay there. I took you into my room to snuggle for a few minutes, and when I did you gave me big smile after big smile. I think it was because you were glad to see me, but Daddy says it was your mischievous "I got my way because I cried enough" smile. Say it isn't so! But really, I don't care. I would do anything for those huge, unsolicited smiles!

This picture was taken a couple nights ago at a spaghetti dinner for Mommy's swim team. You were making a really cute, happy face and we tried to catch it on the camera. But just as Daddy snapped the photo you turned into a grinch baby! Where's the love??

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