Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

I want to throw you a big party every year for your birthday. I think it is important to celebrate each year we have with all the people who love you. My vision is to eventually do a big annyal fundraiser in June for the SLO Foundation. But this year I took too long in getting my act together. So your party will be in July, rather than actually near your birthday. And while I am hoping it will be big on people, it won't be too big on effort. We are only doing an ice cream social, but I think we will have lots of fun!

So in the meantime we had a small celebration for your birthday with our family on Saturday. Bobbye Adams is the Cake Ladye and she made the cookies for your baby shower. When you were just a couple months old she sweetly offered to give you your first birthday cake. It was beautiful and delicious and had a lambie on it! I put a taste of the frosting on your mouth and hands, hoping you would get your face a little messy. Nope, you are a girly girl and weren't going for the mess.

You received a bunch of cute new outfits and many great toys with plenty of noise and lights to get your attention. I know that eventually you won't be a good sleeper, so I am hoping you can start learning now how to entertain yourself. You are just going to have to learn that even though you don't need much sleep, everyone else does. These toys are a good start!

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Anonymous said...

"Only an ice cream social". Audrey - this is very important for you to learn. Any event where there's ice cream is a fantastic event! Don't let your mom tell you it's no big deal.

Melissa White