Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3

I can't believe a year ago yesterday was your due date. We were hoping that you would come on time, so that your birthday would be June 2, Grammy's would be June 3, and Mema's would be June 4. But after going to the doctor that morning, it was clear you didn't plan on making your entrance any time soon, so Daddy and I continued to put off packing our hospital bag. Daddy was bummed, because he thought that if we went into labor on our own he would get to run red lights and speed. Silly Daddy--too many movies for him!

I was just recently sent this picture of you and Daddy sleeping on the couch at Honey's house. It is from a few months ago, and I think you both are so sweet. I don't know how y'all sleep together so well! You and I can't sleep together to save our souls. You toss and turn and smack me in the face while my arm falls asleep and my neck gets cramped and all I want to do is turn away from you. Fortunately, the only chance you have of sleeping in our bed is if we are traveling, and when that happens I just stick you next to Daddy. And every time the two of you are asleep before I am even close.


Nancy said...

Sweet,sweet picture! Men have a knack of being able to sleep through anything!

Hollie said...

that is the sweetest thing!!! :)