Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9

We got your EEG results back last week--no sign of seizure activity! And while that is exactly what I was hoping to hear, it gives us no clue as to what your "freak outs" are about. Since you didn't freak out during the EEG test or the few weeks leading up to it, so I can't be 100% positive that it isn't a seizure. But of course, in the week since we received the results you have done it many times, every day. I scheduled an appointment with neurology, but the soonest we could get in is January--five months away! So tomorrow I am going to call Dr. Louis, our special needs pediatrician, and see if we can get in sooner, and maybe repeat the EEG.

The past month our home has been tormented by teething. Ugh. We officially have six teeth on bottom, and none of those were too bad. But over the past few days a top tooth has finally broken through (two have been on the cusp for months) and it has been torture for the whole family. There isn't much we can do to comfort you since you won't tolerate a teething ring or anything else in your mouth. You constantly want to be held, and even when you are it doesn't seem to make you feel much better And to make things worse, with the teething comes extra mucus, which you gag on and then vomit. Orajel also makes you vomit because of the strong flavor and extra saliva. Unfortunately, all this has caused you to lose weight over the past month that you didn't have to spare! I know teething is a rite of passage every child and parent must go through. But it seems like such a waste since you won't actually use these teeth for a long time, if ever. What a bear you are! Fussy all the time and not very willing to smile. Ten surgeries, and not one of them caused you to act like this! Not that I blame you--it looks very painful. Your gums are red and swollen, and your teeth are coming in very crooked, jagged and SHARP. I am sure the the lower teeth hurt your upper gums when you bite down. We have a dentist appointment towards the end of August. We will see what he has to say about those chompers of yours. In the meantime, hurry and pop those little guys out so that we can go back to having fun!

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Anonymous said...

Brad & Amber, I think about you so often and try to keep up with your "path." I really hate to hear about Audrey's teething problem. Bless her little heart; if children normally have a problem with a course of life, the effects on her are multiplied many times over. I read one of the comments a while back about the two of you and what wonderful parents you've been, and I've thought all along what a fortunate little girl Audrey is to have the two of you. God knew Audrey was going to need help, so he found the best people to take care of her. I love you so much and keep you in my prayers. Love, Mattie (Marye Ann)