Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Bash Benefit!

Today Mrs. Whitney came over to meet us! She is a super sweet woman who wants to help make your birthday benefit a reality. She works for RE/MAX of Texas to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, and offered to help Mama out. I cannot even express how pumped I am that it is mid-September and we are already getting started. If she hadn’t given me a push, I would be looking around in May wondering where all the time went. Mrs. Whitney thinks what I have in mind is very doable and definitely has the potential to be successful. Having no idea how to do a fundraiser, having her to help has given me loads of confidence already.

Our first step is to pick a location and date. I have a location in mind, but need to check availability. As for dates, we are thinking late April, early May. It is going to be a birthday celebration, but June is busy and hot. Plus if we do it during the school year, chances are better more people will be in town. Once these two things are set, we can start working on finding sponsors. Mrs. Whitney says company sponsors are often lining up to give to children and she has some good ideas of where to get donations.

This is totally outside my comfort zone and element, but you are good at pushing me to do things I otherwise might not. And it’s something I have been thinking about almost since you were born. I am so excited to see how it comes together!

On a side note: we are celebrating your brother’s first birthday in about 5 weeks. I should probably get started on that little party too…

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