Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s not often that everything lines up perfectly so that we can spend some time enjoying outside. First, you and Bubby need to be well, awake, and in good moods. Generally you are both pretty healthy and happy, but so often you take naps in a tag team fashion. If we hit three out of three as far as you two are concerned, then the weather has to be perfect. Not too hot for you (who can’t sweat to cool off), not too cold for Liam (who chatters his teeth if the AC is around 72), not too windy for you (your contacts get dried out and your eyes puff up something fierce)…and of course rain, mosquitoes, and high ozone levels keep us inside also. If all these conditions coincide, and we don’t have other commitments, we get to go outside and play. Like today!

The four of us went to Bear Creek Park to spend some time on the toddler playground. There were a lot of kids there, but mainly on the larger playground so Liam got to explore pretty much on his own—with a lot of help from Mommy or Daddy. The other one of us sat with you in the shade, listening to all the kids and feeling the small breeze. You seemed to really enjoy it. At one point we put the boy in a baby swing that was in serious need of some WD-40. But we weren’t at all surprised to find you thought the squeaking and creaking was hilarious. The “big kid” swings are at a whole different playground within the park, and we didn’t make it that far tonight. Next time we will start there, because I know you will love to sit in my lap and swing.

Despite the perfect weather conditions, your cheeks did get shaded pink. Your skin is just so sensitive. But really, you don't seem to mind your slight sunburn, and a little bit of color looks good on you!

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