Monday, September 13, 2010

Love My Cleft!

It has been almost two years since we have seen the plastic surgeoun about your cleft palate. Dr. S wanted us to come back when you hit 15 pounds, and we are finally there! He took a super quick look in your mouth today and was ready to schedule the surgery. I wasn’t as ready. I explained how you vomit daily, and can’t swallow or use your tongue to manipulate the fluid out of your mouth. There are many times when you throw up such large quantities that fluid is pushed up through your cleft palate and out your nose. I have come to think of that as a safety valve. You have never gotten sick from bacteria growing in there. Being in the soft palate rather than the hard, it doesn’t interfere with your suck/swallow, and it doesn’t seem you will be talking anytime in the immediate future. After hearing me out, Dr. S agreed that as of now, there is no reason we need to close it up. We are all completely comfortable with letting your hole stay as it is and save you a surgery. If anything changes and we decide it is necessary, the door is open and we can get it repaired quickly. This is great news!

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