Monday, September 20, 2010

Seven Times Seven

Brother’s name is getting popular fast. When I was pregnant with him and first started telling people we would call him Liam, everyone looked at me like they didn’t understand, and said something along the lines of “Leo? Lennon? I am sorry….what?”. Now I hear, “Oh, I love that name. That’s my nephew’s/best friend’s son’s/neighbor’s dog’s name!” I guess that’s how it so often goes. You try to get something a little different and then it explodes. Oh well.

But I am telling you all of this because out of curiosity, I looked up his name to see what the ranking was in 2010. For Liam, it is number 49. Our Liam is short for William (named after Daddy), and William is always in the top ten. So surely, there must be other Liam’s that are hiding as William from the Social Security Administration. But the cool thing is, I looked up Audrey, and guess what number you are in 2009? 49! Isn’t that fun?

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