Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk or Treat, 2010!

You did awesome on the drive home from Ft. Worth today. I don’t expect anything less than a happy camper from you.

Daddy and I, on the other hand, were worn out. We got home about 4:30, just in time to unload most of the car, throw on your costumes and leave for church by 5:00. Every year we have “trunk or treat” in the parking lot at JVBC, a fun and safe alternative to trick or treating.

The plan was to be characters from Harry Potter. I love the Harry Potter books, and with the first installment of the 7th movie coming out, I thought it was fitting. So I was going to by Hermione and you were going to be Crookshanks, my cat. Daddy was going to be Harry and Liam was going to be Hedwig, his owl. Except Daddy and I were not up for putting on our costumes. So you just wound up being a cat, and Liam an owl. Not quite as cute as I anticipated. At some point we will all have to put on our costumes so we can have a picture of the four of us the way we SHOULD have looked. Still, you were the most precious kitten I have ever seen!

(After downloading and browsing through pictures of the night, it occurs to me that there isn't a decent picture of any of us. Sorry--exhaustion must have taken its toll on my shooting finger. But I promise you were CUTE!)

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