Monday, November 15, 2010

Record Breaking

Audrey Lee!!

I was just scheduling an appointment to pick up your new contacts and check the fit. It felt like it had been awhile since I sat and waited on hold forever. So I checked my calendar. When we go to this appointment on Thursday, it will be a whole FIVE WEEKS since we last went to any sort of medical appointment for you.

That is by far a record! For the first several months of your life we were in the med center at least twice a week...if not three or four times. I remember being thrilled when we finally got down to once a week. Since you have turned 2, I would say average is once every other week. But never, ever as long as 5 weeks.

I think it really shows what kind of progress you have been making. We don't have nearly as many unresolved issues at this point. No surgeries on the horizon and only a few unanswered questions.

Now we can just concentrate on development!

Life is good Audrey Boo.

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