Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On a roll!

Audrey, tonight as Daddy and I were getting Liam to bed and dinner ready, you were laying on the floor relaxing. Daddy walked by at one point and realized you were on the opposite side he had placed you on. You rolled over! So we flipped you back over and continued getting things done for a couple minutes. Next time I looked at you, you had rolled again! So we reset you again, and again, watching you go from your side, to your back, to your other side. You flipped over a total of 8 times! That is SO BIG Audrey!

We caught a couple of your rolls on video. This particular time, Daddy encouraged you to roll by coughing—one of your favorite silly sounds. This video has an added bonus! You said “Dada” perfectly in sign language mid-roll. You were really trying to turn over to talk to that funny Daddy.


Karen said...

This is so AWESOME. What to go Audrey!

Aunt Shelb said...