Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I went to a transitional meeting in Katy ISD to learn about one of our options for your education. At age 3 you are no longer eligible for ECI, and at that point you can enroll in a program called PPCD. It seems like a very well run and wonderful program, that would be a great option for many kids. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the impression that it is well suited for you.

Things such as circle time and centers are an awesome way to teach and engage children, but I don’t think you would get much out of it. For one, you can’t even really see the board or the books in circle time, and can’t get yourself around to centers. Secondly, children are placed in classes in the order enrolled, not based on abilities. You may be in a classroom full of kids with speech problems and you could never be expected to keep up in that environment. And lastly, PPCD seems geared more towards acidemics rather than development. I don’t care if you know the letter “c”, I just want you to be able to sit on your own.

There is another program for visually impaired children, and most of them have complex situations like yours. Without having seen it for myself yet, my gut tells me this will be the better option for you.

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