Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20

Two weekends ago Daddy and Papaw painted your new room—that’s right, a new room! You get to have a room further from Mama and Daddy, with more space, and with a big girl closet--you outgrew your little armoire months ago. It is easy for you to accumulate lots of clothes since you still fit in your 0-3 and now also 3-6 months…and since Mommy has a hard time passing up a cute, inexpensive outfit. I figure you will wear it for at least a year so it is a good investment!

You need the extra space, but more than anything we need to start making room for Little Brother, so this past weekend Daddy and I (mainly Daddy) moved you down the hall. Even though it is all your same stuff, it took you a little time to adjust—the room smells and sounds different. Plus, your nightlight and window shine at you from a different angle, so you can definitely tell you are someplace new. But now I think you like it fine…Mommy likes it because the new room gets less light during the day, so you take better naps. Better naps for you mean better naps for me!

Pretty much all done, just needs a few finishing touches. There are curtains, photos, and wall art from your old room that need to be brought in and then you will be set!

I love these words over your bed—you ARE our miracle baby! (And you ARE a little girl!)

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Amber said...

Audrey's new room looks so beautiful Amber! What is the paint color on the wall; I just love it! She is so sweet and her hair is getting long. Congrats on the up coming addition. When are you due for baby brother?