Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Picture - 1 Year Old

Each year I plan to change your blog header pic with a new photo of you and Lambie. I think it will be fun to watch you grow in relation to Lambie. Already you seem so much bigger than in your photo from in the NICU that has graced the top of the blog up until this point. Sometimes it's hard to notice your growth since it is so gradual. But there is no denying you are growing!

I am a little late this year...I hope to do the next one on your actual birthday!

Look at how irresistible you are, cuddling Lambie close as you drift to sleep (well, drift as best you can while Mommy is taking pictures of you). Sleep sweetly...and long...and straight through the night....

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Anonymous said...

How cute. She looks so peaceful and happy.