Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Dirty Business

We had a close call last night, but it all turned out alright. After having a great day with very little vomiting, you began throwing up at 1am and didn’t show any signs of letting up. That’s how it always starts when you get these little episodes. Last March you became so dehydrated that it landed us in the ER and PICU for 5 days. Fortunately, we discovered Zofran since then, an anti-nausea med usually prescribed to chemo patients. I have tried giving it to you daily to reduce your regular vomiting, but it hasn’t been successful. It does, however, seem to stop long spells of vomiting. So about 1:45 we gave you the Zofran and you were finally able to rest. Your heart was racing with a rate of about 200 beats per minute but by stopping the vomiting and pumping your tummy with fluid, we were able to keep you hydrated and prevent your O2 levels from desating. I am pretty certain without the Zofran it would have been a repeat of last time.

Daddy woke up early this morning for work and checked on you. You felt much better, but had an enormous dirty diaper that, even though taken straight outside, made the entire back part of the house smell for the rest of the day. I wonder if that is the culprit behind these episodes. SLOS kids often have issues with constipation, although you don’t seem to at all. In fact, you are pretty regular, but if not your stools are more likely too loose instead of too firm. Still, maybe every couple months you are just too much backed up and you have to get it out. Pooping has been known to make you sick, something about the negative pressure. And last March, right as we were about to leave for the hospital you had the same type of dirty diaper, and from that point on you didn't throw up again until right before we pulled up to TCH (and it was all downhill from there). Maybe if we were to do an enema every couple months we could prevent nights like these. I definitely think this is worth looking into…

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Hollie said...

When Lillie was in the hospital and on the C-pap, she would stop breathing when she was trying to poop. The doctors and nurses were freaking out, then we would hear or smell something, and she would start breathing again.