Thursday, May 13, 2010

Million Dollar Baby

We got the letter from TCH. They are forgiving a huge percentage of our debt, waiving tens of thousands, but still leaving us with several thousand due within 6 months. I was optimistic that because of our insurance situation, and because you have will have Medcaid to cover any future medical care,they would forgive it all. I am trying to be grateful and I do realize that they were not obligated to write off any portion of the bill. But I am confused at how they managed to look at all of our finances and decided we would be able to give up a fourth of our net income over the next half year, especially in this economy. We could appeal, but I don't know what information I could give the that they haven't already seen. And I am annoyed that we are even in this situation--this is why we paid for insurance. It's not even about the money as much as the hassle. I have gotten a couple other invoices over the last few weeks from doctors trying to collect money from us since they haven't been able to contact our insurance company in the last two years. So I have to call them, explain the situation, ask for a self pay discount, make copies of the invoices to give to the HR lady to give to the lawyer that I am convinced doesn't exist, and then pay the bills anyway.
I still have complete confidence that God will provide the money, although part of me feels like I could come up with better ways to spend thousands of dollars if God dropped it in my lap. We could pay off our car, build up a savings, make repairs to the house, be God's hands and feet and give it to someone in need. But when I think that through, I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Of course there is nothing better I could have done with that money than pay for your life saving medical treatment. That is worth every penny we earn. So Daddy and I will pay the bills cheerfully, and as quickly as possible, and pray that any other outstanding claims will soon come to my attention so that we can be done with this stage of the journey and move on.

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