Monday, May 31, 2010


Taking pictures of you is always a challenge. As beautiful as you are, nobody would ever describe you as photogenic. One of the biggest problems is your bad eye and how it glows in the flash. No amount of red-eye reducer can fix that. But we try anyway. And try. And try. And of course, whenever we get a great one of you, someone else isn't ready. So here are the best of our Memorial Day pictures 2010.

First we tried taking a picture of the three of us in front of our little flag. Bubby tried to eat grass sitting next to me, and was too squirmy in my lap--he was handed off to Daddy.

Then we tried to get just the two of us. Half were blurry, some you weren’t looking at the camera, others I was talking to Daddy. There were lots of little bugs in the grass, so we moved to the porch.

This one is precious of you, but I wanted to see the flag on your dress. We would have kept trying here, but we were almost eaten alive by mosquitos. Plus, our neighbors were out and Daddy was having to make all sorts of farty noises to get you to laugh. A little awkward. Inside we go.

At this point nothing was funny to you anymore. You were done, so we gave up.

As I was swinging you up towards me, Daddy snapped this one. Just being ourselves. Probably the best of the bunch.

Later Daddy gave me a dip kiss in the kitchen and said you were thought it was funny. Daddy sure does love you!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. Audrey is beautiful!