Monday, May 24, 2010

Fresh Air

This weekend we were blessed to stay in a beautiful lakehouse in Mount Vernon, TX with Aunt Paula and Reiner. We went up for a three day weekend, and could have stayed for 3 weeks! There was no TV, no internet, not even cell phone service, so our only option was to relax. Our room was huge, with our own bathroom, entry onto deck and even a side room for you and Bubby to sleep in. The weather was perfect—mostly sunny and warm, but a wonderful breeze and very little humidity. The house was huge with enough rooms to sleep 18. It sat right on the lake with gorgeous views and a huge screened in back patio. We loved that back patio. From the time we woke up in the mornings till we went to bed, that is where you could usually find us. So often we are limited by how much time we can spend outdoors, since you are so sensitive to sun and wind, sunscreen and bugspray. This weekend you were perfectly comfortable laying on the couch and listening to the water lapping right below us. But as always, our favorite time spent was in our room, during the earliest hour, all four of us piled in bed.

You seem to thrive on vacations. I think being outside and having our undivided attention does wonders. Not once did you throw up while we were there. In fact, you went over 72 hours without being sick, the first time being on our way back home Sunday night. Maybe we should buy a lakehouse. ;-)

Overall it was a fabulous weekend, and we really hope to be able to do something like it again sometime soon.

(On a side note: As I was trying to think of a title for this post, Daddy came up with “No Bugs, No Air, No Problem”. Then he realized.."no air? That causes all sorts of problems!" He quickly revised to "No Bugs, No Sun, No Problem". He makes us LAUGH!)

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Tammy said...

Amber - I just had to write. Our daughter Julia has SLO here in London - and as you know, they say SLO kids look the same - I saw the pic of Audrey on the sun lounger and her precious feet and legs are exactly like Julia's! I also have some pics of Julia in her early days that look so much like little Audrey with her lambie! Audrey is so cute! Well done on the blog - it's fantastic! Tammy (& Julia) in London