Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laughing in the Rain

You did so great in your physical therapy this morning! Mrs. Karen brought you a couple new toys, your favorite being a rainstick. From the first time you heard it you began to crack up. We put it in your hands and you held on tight. We showed you how to shake it and pretty soon you were doing it all by yourself! You then brought it to your mouth and even briefly held it with both hands at the same time. I was so proud of you! And it thrills me to discover new things to make you happy. Your smie is gorgeous and your laugh infectious. I don't completely understand your sense of humor, but I thank God every day that you have one!

Tonight, when Daddy scooped you up to put you to bed, you held on to that stick with a death grip until you were all the way up in his arms! It made us laugh because the weight of the stick made your arm swing beneath your body, but you were not going to let go! So rarely do you hold things, let alone with that much strength. Daddy's first thought was that somehow it was stuck to you. We joked about tucking it in bed with you but decided to just stick with Lambie instead.

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