Sunday, December 12, 2010


You had a tough day SweetCheeks. First off, you were sick Friday and Saturday. Just your usual Audrey sick—constipation that leads to nonstop vomiting and diarrhea and dehydration. So your bottom is absolutely raw and bleeding and painful. Then today, while we were at a lunch event for church, I stood up with you in my arms and noticed you were about to cry. I quickly realized your tube had gotten stuck in the crack of the chair, and when I stood, it popped your button out. That really hurts. But putting it back in REALLY hurts. I am sorry Boo. I hate it when that happens.

Later this evening, Bub was trying to be sweet and saying hi to you, but got a little rough and scratched you across the forehead. Of course, you didn’t even make a pouty face for that, because Liam can generally get away with just about anything as far as you are concerned. But it did leave a big mark, almost drawing blood, and it will be scabby and most likely scarred soon. Sorry again.

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