Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ear, Earl, Early

You have been sick for 5 days now with a fever that can be brought down with meds, but just can’t be kicked. Now you have developed a cough (I believe courtesy of Brother), and are overall lethargic and weak, so last night I decided we would head to the doctor in the morning. If they couldn’t see us, then we would pop downstairs for the ER.

At 5 am you woke with a fever of 101.5. Usually you run about 96.7, so this is pretty high for you. I gave you a dose of ibuprofen and due to miscommunication and sleep deprivation, Daddy gave you a dose as well. It was about half an hour later when we figured out you were double dosed, and I flew to your room to pull back what I could from your button. Your stomach was empty. Seriously, Aud? It takes you forever to digest your milk, but when we OD you on meds you can digest that in no time?

We all went back to sleep, and when you woke up at 9 am I took your temp. 94 flat. Oops. I called the doc to get an appt and Honey headed towards the house to go with us. By 10:00 your temp was on the rise at 96ish, when we checked into the doctor’s office it was 97.9 and by the time we left at 12:30 it was closer to 99. Who would have thought ibuprofen was so effective in reducing fever?

We saw Dr. C in the clinic because Dr. L wasn’t in. She checked you out and determined you have a slight and occasional wheeze in your chest which she prescribed breathing treatments for, and ear infections. You have never had a problem with ears, so much so that I didn’t even consider they might be a problem. That makes me a little sad. Sorry Boo. We got a script for Amox, which in the past has always torn up your bottom. Thankfully, she scored us some barrier film sticks which are awesome and will save your skin. Literally.

(Side note: Your infection somehow led me to a struggle with the word “early”. Do you think there was somebody named Earl who always showed up places before he was supposed to, and because of that they started calling it “early”? I asked Daddy and he suggested it was the adverb for ear. All interesting thoughts.)

(Side, side note: I looked it up. It comes from the word “ere” meaning “soon; before [in time]".)

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