Thursday, March 10, 2011


That is the only way to describe today. I got brave after taking you to the doctor by myself Tuesday, and so tried again. Only this time with Brother in tow. Oh dear.

We had a 9:30 appointment first, so we loaded up and were out the door pretty close to 8:30. Made it there no problem and were called to the back quickly. Mr. T brought out the new AFO’s and tried them on. He wasn’t happy with the left, and said he could have a new one ready by the time we were done with our next appointment. Deal.

So then we headed down Main to TCH for genetics. Nothing really discovered there, although he asked many questions about your recent behavioral changes—most notably the fussiness. He thinks GI holds the answer to that. Right now I blame teeth.

Back to Dynamic Orthotics for your new, new, NEW AFO’s. They fit great! Whoo-hoo! He took a look at your back since I have been considering a back brace. Mr. T thought one was appropriate, and found the shape of your spine concerning. As someone who works with kids like you often, that doesn’t sound good. He gave me an idea of what he thought was wrong, but since we see PMR next week I will wait and explain more then.

We arrived home about 2:30. Since neither of you shnooks took a moment’s nap throughout the day, we all hit our beds hard. And didn’t even consider waking up until 6:00. This was just fine because Daddy had a late meeting and no dinner needed to be made.

Overall, you both were amazingly well behaved. You fussed quite a bit at the first appointment, but did better as the day went on. Liam started out great, but was pretty much sick of his day long captivity to either the car seat or stroller by the last appointment. Y’all are great kids. Even still. That wore me out.

Now I need to begin packing for tomorrow’s trip to Austin. Sigh.

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