Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Lady Leprechaun

Here you are in your St. Patrick's Day outfit. Look at these adorable socks your Aunt Shanna got for you! I know it's the 18th, but since you didn't get to wear it yesterday, you are wearing it today.

This is the only picture we snapped before you got sick at the dog park. (Oh yeah. You started throwing up again two days ago. You made it a total of 14 days.) Poor little shnook.

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Michael and Kim said...

Hi! This is my first time ever seeing your blog. We have a little girl with SLO just a bit younger than Audrey. I was scrolling through your blog when my husband walked by and saw some of Audrey's pictures. "Is that Grace?" he asked. Funny how much the SLO kids look like each other! Especially the pictures you have of Audrey in this post with one little hand clenched look very much like our Grace. Best wishes to you guys!