Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What A Production!

I am SO impressed!! I set up Tom Cat (as we affectionately refer to him) next to you in your bed while I made Liam's dinner. When I came back, I found an email composed with an attachment. I deleted out of it, not knowing what it was. It then took me to the Talking Tom screen and gave me several options including Facebook, email or YouTube. I didn't know what all that was for, so I hit the only button that made sense--play. And then this video started. That means you pressed record, did all this talking and punching, and then tried to email it. You almost sent me an email Audrey! After making a movie! I guess you wanted to make sure I saw your accomplishment.

In the 45 seconds this video plays, you did some good talking and tapping. I think it shows just how much switch toys will play into your future.

Tom Cat does come with emotional hazards. If the phone rings during playtime, it is sure to induce tears. And it never fails to ring.

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Bright Angel said...

Good job Audrey!! That is awesome!!! My little man loves that game. :)