Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking Care of Business

We went to Dynamic Orthotics today, just the two of us. Liam is sick, so he stayed with Grammy. The purpose of today’s visit was to take care of our PMR checklist.

We had them tighten your night-time AFO’s and took measurements for the SPIO suit and Hensinger collar. Unfortunately, at this point it looks like the collar and TED stockings aren’t made in a size small enough for you. Mr. T is going to look for an alternative, but doesn’t sound too hopeful. We will see what he has come up with when we go back to get the SPIO suit in a couple weeks.

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Laura Rahman said...

Are you getting the pants and shirt version or the tank version of the SPIO? Noah has had both. The 2 piece was hard to wrestle his arms into, but the tank was difficult to make lay flat. Both have good and bad points, I guess. Best of luck with it! We did see improvement in Noah when he wore one.