Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bed Crashers

Liam and I went to Austin this weekend for Aunt Lesley’s bridal shower while you stayed home to help take care of Daddy. It sounds like your time was full of snuggling and relaxing. I know you missed us, but was it a nice break? Just to have some peace and quiet for a full day? Next time I vote we send the boys off and you and I enjoy a girl’s weekend.  You in?

Bub and I got in about 9:00pm on Saturday night. We all assumed you were asleep since Daddy put you to bed 45 minutes earlier. Maybe you waited up for us, or maybe you woke up at the sound of our voices. Regardless, we heard you calling for us and that's all we needed to crash into your bed to give hugs and kisses. Your R&R was officially over…and I think you were ok with that!

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