Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let there be sight!

I spent much of last Friday on the phone with the place we get your contacts from. It was so exhausting that I don’t even want to go into the details. But the short version is that because they didn’t properly file an insurance claim back in March or do their due diligence following up on it in any way, shape or form, they expected me to either pay $1000 or wait a month at minimum to get a new pair of contacts when you had zero. (Despite the length of that sentence, I assure you that is, in fact, the short version.) After researching the situation on my own and sharing my findings with the woman who failed to do her job correctly, she agreed to go ahead and order a new contact for your good eye immediately. She probably thought it best I didn’t ask to speak to her supervisor. I'll give her credit for that one wise decision. Today I got the call that your contact came in—I’m so grateful it is here in time for our trip to Dallas this weekend.

Still, we paid for it with $255 and a week of sight. We should get the money reimbursed but obviously not that week. Whenever you are without contacts I see a clear difference in your behavior. Even your teachers saw a difference—the first day of class after losing your last contact brought a “1” for tracking in circle time on your daily report. You have always gotten all 5’s before. I feel like we take a couple steps back when this happens, and it could take us months to regain that ground.  For that reason I need to be more diligent in checking throughout the day to make sure your contact is still in your eye.  And you need to be less diligent in popping them out.  Deal?

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