Friday, October 28, 2011

Colonoscopy/Endoscopy/Glaucoma Exam

In some ways the colonoscopy was probably easier for you than it was for an adult:
*You didn’t have to actually drink the 32 oz of bowel prep—I just pumped it in.
*You didn’t have to stay in the bathroom all day while it worked—I just constantly changed your diaper.
*You don’t mind missing a few meals—the consensus is you probably don’t feel hunger.
*You weren’t at all conscious for any of the procedure—general anesthesia.

But in other ways it might have been tougher:
*32 oz in an hour is what they expected. It took 8 hrs and you still threw quite a bit of it up.
*Despite the diaper changes every 15 minutes or so, your diaper rash was ugly.
*You cannot afford to miss any meals. Seriously.

We arrived at 6:30am and waited until about 8:00am for your turn to be taken back. I was getting nervous about your IV stick. Overnight I did my best to keep you hydrated during and after the bowel prep, but I had to stop fluids at 4:30am. I’ll never forget the time it took 28 tries to give you an IV because your veins weren’t plump from dehydration. What a nightmare.

In my experience, anesthesiologists are notoriously confident, often to the point of arrogance. I always give them a laundry list of complications from past surgeries so that they know exactly what lies ahead. Not much frustrates me more than when one shrugs me off, assuring me that it won’t be a problem for HIM. As if he or she is somehow immune to your irregular airway or tiny, shriveled, rolling veins. Without exception those doctors have come back to me with a story about what a hard time they had getting you prepped for surgery, and all the excuses why.

So when I spoke with the anesthesiologist, I was bracing myself for that prideful attitude that drives me crazy. I was pleasantly surprised when he listened to all I had to say, asked questions and then followed through with being as prepared as possible. He had a fiber optic scope in the room, asked the on call ENT to be ready to help, and just made a point to be well-informed. And wouldn’t you know? After the procedure that man humbly told me he got your IV on the first stick and had no problems with intubation. Not only that, but he said he can see why other doctors have had difficulty, and advised me to continue stressing these issues to future anesthesiologists because the next time might not go as smoothly. I am definitely requesting Dr. J for the any other procedure we have done. Amazing what difference attitude makes.
As for the findings, nothing significant. Your glaucoma is under control and pressures are fine with the meds. Dr. C did see that your optic nerve is more open than last time. At least, I think that’s what he said. I was sort of wrestling with your brother when the doctor came to speak with me. I need to call his office for a quick biology lesson. But he prescribed another daily eyedrop and wants to see you back in 4 months.

Dr. G didn’t find a whole lot either. He noticed that you had some linear creases in your stomach from frequent retching. Your stomach is compressed each time you vomit and it has resulted in these stomach wrinkles (totally my terminology—they are actually called gastro…something). He said these can be irritating but there isn’t anything to be done. Other than that, he saw nothing of consequence. Certainly nothing to explain the bloody stool and vomit from early September. He took biopsies from your esophagus all the way down to your bottom and those results are expected back early next week.

All in all, it was an exhausting day for everyone. You, Liam and I took a 3.5 hour nap when we got home at 2:00. Thank goodness it’s the weekend so my littlest trooper can rest up!

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Emily Minich said...

Oh my, oh my. Yes, arrogant doctors are so difficult! I am so glad that dr. J got audrey's IV on the first try! Yay!

We dealt with difficult blood drawers today as you saw on Facebook. When I told them at the beginning about Ilse's small veins they waved me off and said, 'we deal with them all the time!" humph. They had to stick her twice because the first vein stopped bleeding, the lady wouldn't let me hold her. I have never rather are ilse cry so much since the time I nearly pulled her button out right after they out it in.

28 tries?!? I guess it was a necessary procedure or you'd have said STOP!