Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cholesterol Update

I got a call from the pharmacy two Wednesdays ago letting me know that the pharmacist would track down the recipe and make your cholesterol in the cherry aqueous. On Friday she called back saying the recipe couldn’t be found and that she could “guess” how to make it but couldn’t guarantee its quality. Really?!? I barely knew what to say to that other than, “Uhhh…no. Either call a specialist for the recipe or I’ll just have our old pharmacy make it.” Tuesday I was told she was able to get the recipe and it would be ready Friday. My phone call to check the status on Friday afternoon apparently served as a reminder for the pharmacist to make the cholesterol and I wasn’t able to pick it up that evening. They were closed Saturday through Monday, so we will see if it is ready and correct when I get there this morning.

I’m not thinking this pharmacy is going to make the cut.

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