Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be An Angel

Today you came home from school with a sack of wrapped gifts. They were from an organization called “Be an Angel” that provides, among other things, Christmas gifts to children like you. They know how expensive this life can be and that gifts may not be something families can afford.

I am so touched by the gesture. I love organizations like this, and I am in no way opposed to you receiving gifts from others. But we are amazingly blessed. God put us in touch with the right people from the very beginning so we were able to get the funding for all your medical needs. Unlike many other families in our situation, we can provide Christmas gifts for you even though we choose keep it simple and focused on Christ. I imagine that if our budget made that decision for us, it would be very difficult as a parent. So knowing these presents were picked out, purchased, and wrapped with the intention of providing relief for a family in need, you and I talked about passing these gifts on. We agreed that some mommy and daddy who don’t have anything else to put under their tree will be so happy to give them to their child.

I think that is such a big decision for my little 3 year old to make. I’m proud of you for sharing.

You can read more about  the "Be An Angel" organization here.

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Hollie said...

What a sweet girl Audrey. You are too sweet for making that decision with your mommy!! I am so proud to know you! :)