Friday, December 16, 2011

School's out!

Today was the last day of school for 2011! Honey, Liam and I came to pick you up from school to go to the doctor. I know. I did that for Thanksgiving break also. Sorry. I thought it was going to be fairly painless; I just wanted to touch base with Dr. L before Abbey arrived. I was surprised when she offered a pneumonia vaccine—I didn’t even know those existed. So we went ahead and got it. And my big brave girl, you didn’t even make a pouty face. You always amaze me with your toughness!

We talked a lot about your diet. You gained a little weight, but have a long ways to go. I am going to start adding a half ounce of water to each of your feeds. The hope is to switch that half ounce to milk once your stomach stretches a bit. We were given samples of three types of new formulas, just to see if you tolerate those better at all. A huge long shot, but at this point we are willing to try just about anything.

The office gave you this pink blanket with an "ephant" and your brother this race car. He was one happy boy.

We also did some blood work: cholesterol, and a whole bunch of vitamin levels. It took some poking around but we got blood in one stick and you only started complaining at the very end. Still no tears.

Now that’s all taken care of, bring on the Christmas cheer! 

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