Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wardrobe Woes

You, my love, are nearly impossible to dress. I am seriously, seriously struggling. In fact, I get more frustrated in the morning while looking in your closet to pick out clothes than looking in mine. And that is saying something. You are long enough to fit in 12 month clothes, but skinny enough to fit in 3 month clothes. Your head ideally requires 18 month clothes or buttons/snaps at the neck (although I have figured out I can slide things up over your tiny hips easier than over your head). On top of just finding a size that fits, is finding a style that fits. I am tired of shopping in the infant section for you. You are three years old, so I don’t want baby-ish designs on your clothes! Mema took us shopping and helped redeem your winter wardrobe. So far my solution for the colder weather is long “fitted” sweater dresses that look a bit loosey goosey on you. And with them I pair leggings which are tight enough on your thighs so that they don’t slip off despite being baggy around your waist. Next year I am afraid my only option will be learning to sew. Anybody who has seen me attempt to draw a straight line knows that cannot end well.


The Queen B said...

I'll sew for you!!

(been lurking for a few months now!!)

Check out Naartjie, cute stylish clothes for girls. Their baby stuff has a cute hint of trend, you might like it.

As far as sewing, I love Ottobre, a dutch sewing magazine that has cute trendy baby clothes to sew.

Worst case, buy the 18mth clothes then alter for length/width. Would be happy to help you out with it as I LOVE to sew!!

Google both, you'll love em :)

Christina R. Griffith said...


I have been reading for a year or so... I don't know if you know who I am but we attended HS together.

I love reading Audrey's story and hearing your heart for Jesus, you are such an inspiration!

I just wanted to say that taking in dresses and leggings can be totally do-able for you. There are TONS of blogs with info on re-styling already made clothes with step by step how tos. Start with thrift store or hand-me-downs so there's no guilt if you mess up!

Good Luck!

Christina (Bass) Griffith