Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here you are in your new stander! It arrived a couple weeks ago, but because we don’t yet have AFO’s (foot braces) you aren’t well supported enough to stand in it for very long. A few minutes here and there are fine to help get you accustomed to it, just so long that it stays in a partially reclined position. June 16th we have the appointment to be fitted for the AFO’s, and then nothing can hold us back!

I am blown away by how tall you are in this stander. When your tiny little self is curled up in my arms, helpless and fully dependent on me, it is easy to think of you as a baby. But every once in awhile, you stretch out just right, giggle so sweetly, or have a glint of understanding in your eyes that stuns me into realizing you aren’t a baby. You will be two next week. TWO!

I can remember this day two years ago perfectly. It was Grammy’s birthday and I was at Starbuck’s buying packages of her favorite teas. The young man who rang me up reached over the counter to rub my belly (yup, really) asked me when I was due. He was shocked by my simple reply of, “yesterday”. He didn’t know any better. “What are you doing out and about? Shouldn’t you be home in bed or at the hospital?” Good thing I didn’t take his advice. I would be bored crazy for the next 6 days until we induced.

This week will be an emotional one for me, just as it was last year. The memories are so fresh still, and as I have learned from other SLOS parents, probably always will be. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good or bad, I don’t want to forget a thing about any of our time together.

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