Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday Ms. Mary Beth (your vision teacher) came and brought you a new toy. It is called an AbleNet. Basically it is a switch toy adaptor, but we can plug anything with an electrical plug into it. So a radio, your disco ball, blender…possibilities are endless. And then you can make those things work by pushing your sensitive button, which you do so well.

We started by practicing with your disco ball—you thought it was ok, but you are more auditory than visually stimulated. So we pulled out the hairdryer and pointed it in your direction. That was more like it! You pushed the button for a very long time. You have always loved the wind in your hair.

Ms. Mary Beth had a good idea. She suggested we assign you chores like vacuuming or shredding paper. You can push the button to make the machine work, and I will do the rest. Whenever you let go I can say, “Audrey, we have to finish our chores, push the button.” I think it is a great idea to give you some responsibility and teach you to be helpful. Plus, it is just cute to think of you doing chores!

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