Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caloric Increase

Audrey, you have done such a great job on this new formula! It has been over two weeks since we switched, and in that time you have only thrown up once. In fact, you have done so well that last night I added an extra feed to your daily diet. What we have been doing is 4 feeds of milk during the day, and then 2 feeds that are half milk/half water overnight. The purpose of that was to decrease the likelihood of you waking up sick. But last night I took a risk and switched those late feeds to all milk. And you slept through the night perfectly!

This is big because the whole reason we switched formulas was to eventually increase your caloric intake. And just like that, for the first time in two years, we increased it by 20%. I had no expectations to make such a big change so quickly. I am praying you will continue to tolerate this extra feed.

There are only two drawbacks so far. This formula makes you gassy—not fun for anyone holding you, but really not fun for you because it hurts your tummy. Also, your BMs are still very loose. I can’t keep you clean enough to keep your bottom from bleeding. Diaper changes are miserable and even my last resort measures are failing. I will have to call Dr. L because I am not sure what else to do. But I am excited for your next check up because surely you have put on some weight.

Side note: I have already blown my new year’s resolution. I will spend more time today getting caught up on blogs and then resolve again.

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Neyetter said...

All of your blog "readers" have already realized the resolution did not make it!! But we totally understand and forgive you!