Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well, stinky news. Mrs. Liza (PT) came over today and checked out your new AFO's. She didn’t like them either. She pointed out what exactly doesn’t work, so that I can tell the orthotics shop when I ask for them to be remade.

1)Your feet are entirely too red, for too long once the braces are removed.
2)Your toes are purple. (Although mostly I attribute this to you being Audrey.)
3)There is extra space in the ankle--where you need the most support.
4)Your heel doesn't completely make contact with the mold.
5)They over-correct and when we don't use socks, we can see where they push so hard your feet turn white.
6)Your left toes are cramped.

I hate that you have to wait longer before you can get in your stander. But I am glad I trusted my gut and didn’t torture you by making you wear them these last couple weeks.

**This is officially the worst post title ever published. Just know that I am aware.**

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