Thursday, February 3, 2011

Debt Free

As of December 2010, we are officially (as far as I know) out of medical debt! This was a day that, quite literally, I thought would never happen. At times it seemed so overwhelming. As if our monthly contributions barely made a dent in the massive amount we owed, even though it was hurting our budget and bank statements.

It was so important to us to get it paid off as quickly as possible. Firstly, because God calls us to live a debt free life, and pay what is owed as soon as able. Our first financial priority was to tithe, pay the basic bills, and the rest went to debt. Secondly, because it causes anxiety having that much debt. I hated checking the mail because I knew there would be more than a couple invoices daily. But I made sure to do it before Daddy got home, knowing it would be more stressful for him as the provider. And then thirdly, because we were given amazing services and wanted to pay for what we received. YOU, our little miracle! Every cent went toward your well being and was beyond a shadow of a doubt worth it.

Today I submitted our 2010 taxes to be processed as soon as the IRS is ready. Our refund is almost exactly what we owe on the Trailblazer, so it will be paid off this month, two and a half years early! It feels so good to be essentially debt free. All that remains is our mortgage, which we will continue to pay off as quickly as possible. I love handling our money the way God intends.

And there is a very real chance that if it weren’t for you, our priorities wouldn’t be what they are. God showed us, through you, what is important. There are times I definitely have to stave off the “gimmies” but overall, I have more of a desire to give to others, than spend on “stuff” for ourselves. I realize how blessed I am—and not in the cliché “oh I am so blessed” kind of way. I mean, honestly B-L-E-S-S-E-D, the I-have-never-been-without food-water-shelter-or-transportation-a-day-in-my-life type of blessed. And on top of that I have a closet full of clothes (don’t love all of them and half don’t fit but I never have to go naked in public), an awesome new cell phone, flat screen TVs, Daddy takes me on dates, and I can have chocolate every night if I so choose (and let’s be real here—I always DO so choose).

We may not be vacationing in Europe this year, but we have everything we need, most things we want and still have some room to breathe. Thanks for being the instrument God used to teach us a big lesson. And be thinking about how our family is going to give big this year. I am not satisfied with bare minimum anymore.

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