Friday, February 11, 2011

Test Results

The results are in from your tests last week:

Your cholesterol level is up from 7 to 16. That’s a great improvement! Still unbelievably low for anyone, let alone someone who gets three doses of straight cholesterol daily. But at least we are going the right direction on that. Your 7-DHC is still going up which is the opposite direction we want. And usually when cholesterol goes up, 7-DHC goes down. So I am confused on that. We need to get a specialist to look at you. I know I say that all the time. But really, I think it’s so important at this point. Unfortunately they all live way north and most aren’t accepting new patients due to lack of funding. I think they would love to see you because you are such an abnormal case. But that may be exactly why they aren’t interested. Perhaps they want to see the most average of SLO kids in order to have their research go further.

Your hip X-rays showed no change, and looked fine. Still, the concensus is that your hips most likely slip in and out and we just X-rayed them on a good day.

Your scoliosis is getting more serious. (Which of course, we knew just by looking at you.) The nurse read me the results, but couldn’t really interpret them. That will be a job for PM&R when we see them in March. I jotted down some notes, and now can’t find that sheet. I'm a little sick today and my head is foggy. But if I remember correctly, last time you had a 16 degree curve. Now there is a 16 degree, AND a 44 degree AND a 18…or something like that. But basically it sounds pretty “S” shaped. I sure hope we don’t have to do a back brace but we might be headed that way. A back brace would be better than surgery, that’s for sure.

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