Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The family that gets sick together...

Sticks together.

That is seriously the phrase I dreamt last night during my restless sleep, though the circumstances surrounding it fled the moment I awoke. If it's true, we are golden.

You, Daddy and I all got the same stomach bug (which apparently infected even my dreams). Being sick is hard enough. But being sick while having to take care of a sick someone else is nearly impossible. Each time you threw up I told you to “hurry, hurry” because I was fighting it off myself.

Today we are all over the worst of it, but feel horrible. Thankfully Bubby is still in his TV trance mode from while he was sick, so he has been happy to play in his room and watch videos most of the day. Daddy and I take turns sitting up with him while the other naps the day away with you.

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