Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pharmacy Update

After telling you about our latest pharmacy drama, I filled out an online complaint to be sent to corporate. To save myself time I just copy/pasted as much of my post that it would allow me, and added an introduction, conclusion and the link to your blog so they could finish reading the story.

I received a prompt reply from the store manager about your cholesterol misfill, and felt he truly understood the gravity of the matter. His first concern was whether or not I had given you any of the meds, in case another med was mistakenly added. When I confirmed that I had not, his next series of questions focused on the lack of quality control. He wanted to know all the details so that he could further investigate. And lastly he agreed that the pharmacist’s (who is apparently the pharmacy manager) attitude was unacceptable and that he would address that as well. A follow-up call came from corporate making sure the store manager had contacted me and resolved the issue.

So was the issue actually resolved? I don’t know. We have the correct meds, I was issued an apology from the store. I don’t know what sort of reprimand the pharmacist will receive, if one at all. All I want is for him to be held accountable for his actions and words—too many people trust him with their very lives. But as I was encouraged, all I can really do is report our situation so that there is documentation. If another customer has a similar experience, a pattern might be established.

We surely will not be using their services any longer. I am simply unwilling to deal with the pharm manager after his apathetic response to your well being. You are much too precious—we are going to find a pharmacist to fall in love with you and give 110% while compounding your meds. You will do your part easily—you naturally win everyone over. My part is trickier, but I am determined to make it happen!

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Nancy said...

Amber, Have you heard of or checked out the Village Compounding Pharmacy at 975 Corbindale, off I-10 near Campbell? They've been there for years and maybe can help. Their website is and phone # is 713-464-5069.