Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wake-Up Call

Daddy and I love spending time with you and your brother. Besides each other, you two are our favorite people. Still, we would rather not spend as much time with you on Saturday mornings and sleep in a bit. And by sleeping in I mean…7:30. 8:00.

We never know what to expect with you and Liam on these mornings. Generally, you both are excellent sleepers. Sometimes you will sleep absurdly late…say 9:00 or 9:30. Other mornings you are up long before the sun. I have never allowed anyone to get out of bed until 7:00 or later, and you both have learned to be content talking to yourselves until I come for you. (Recently we have discovered the merit of Saturday morning cartoons. We lock Liam up in a pack n’ play in front of a video. Barney has never sounded as sweet as he does in that 7:00 to 8:00 time slot.)

This morning we started hearing y’all jabber about 7:30. Not too early at all. But, true to our Saturday sleep-in policy, we ignored you both as long as possible. Liam kept banging on the wall that separates your rooms, calling “Mommy! Daddy! Be-Bo!” (really just anyone he thought might rescue him). At one point he got particularly passionate and yelled, “Maaaaa!” Immediately after this not so subtle demand, I heard you repeat “Maaaaa!”over the monitor. You copied his tone exactly, but it was definitely your voice. I excitedly punched Daddy to wake him up from his half state of sleeping wondering if he heard you also. He said he did and that he couldn’t tell the difference between your voices. As he rolled over and instantly fell back asleep, I realized he probably wasn’t conscious. But Audrey, I was and I heard you loud and clear. That was a sure way to get me out of bed; Ma is coming to get you!

PS - We got more of your cholesterol meds today. I will have to fight the payment battle another time, but at least you won't miss a dose.

PPS - We took Daddy's car to get an oil change and ran errands in it while out. Your legs got sunburned. Should have kept the window sun shade. :-/

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