Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kidney Check

Today you and I went to TCH for a couple quick appointments. First we did some blood work. Last week was the first time we saw renal in almost 18 months. Time got away from us on that one. The blood taken today is to check kidney function. I am expecting good results. And I just have to tell you that you are amazing. Not a single fuss for any part of the IV blood draw. In fact, you laughed most of the way through it. TROOPER.

Next we ran upstairs for a quick kidney ultrasound. When you were born and we ran every imaginable test (twice), it was discovered that your kidneys were small—about 80% of the expected size. We knew then that the growth of your kidneys would need to be monitored. If your kidneys grew along with you, no big deal. People can survive on a surprisingly low amount of kidney function, and 80% in two kidneys is plenty. But if they stay small, we will have a problem. We thought the initial follow-up ultrasound would take place around 1 year old…you are almost three and still have barely doubled your birth weight. At this point so much time has passed that we need to go ahead and check. Kids are TAKS testing today so the hospital was pretty much empty. We got in before our scheduled time, took some measurements and were out the door. I should hear the results back from renal shortly.

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