Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cataracts and ASD and PDA, oh my!

Today we got some more test results back, some encouraging, others not as much. We found today that you have thick cataracts on both eyes. You will need surgery by two months of age to have them removed, and for now you don't open your eyes at all. The echocardiogram showed you heart has an ASD (a hole between your upper two chambers) and a PDA (a vein that didn't close after birth like it should). The doctor says not to worry about either of those for now. Your kidneys look a little small, and your liver is an abnormal shape but all seem to be working properly. Your spinal X-Ray looks good...as your Grammy said, "You are a girl with a strong backbone!" Your CT Scan came back normal, which means your brain's anatomy is fine.

Five years ago today Daddy and I started dating. Is that cool or what that you came one day shy of our anniversary? Looking back to five years ago we never would have guessed we would be here now. We were thinking you wouldn’t come for another five years or so. You were a surprise honeymoon baby, and we are so grateful for you. Already I can’t imagine my life without you Audrey. God knew what He was doing when He gave you to us now instead of in our own timing.

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