Friday, June 27, 2008

G-tube or NG tube?

Still meeting with your OT--I think we are making progress. You aren't really taking more milk, but you are protesting less. And you are up to 60 CCs per feeding—that’s a full feed! You will stay at that for a while. I spoke with Dr. Ahmed and it sounds like you might get to come home next week. This weekend Daddy and I need to make a decision on whether we should take you home with an NG tube or a G-Tube. The G-Tube is a button valve in your stomach and the NG tube is the tube up your nose and down into your stomach. They both have pros and cons of course. I am praying you will do a great job eating tomorrow and make our decision easy for us. We also found out today that your cataract surgeon will be Kimberly Yen. When we first found out you had cataracts, your Granddaddy did a lot of research and found she is the best, so we are so excited about that!

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