Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Today is yours and Daddy's first Fathers Day together! You were extubated this morning at 10:00 instead of last night at 8:00. The nurse practitioner had a really hard time intubating you, and they wanted the same people to be there when they removed the tube in case you had complications that required it to be replaced. I was so sad that you had to have it an extra 14 hours--especially during the night when I couldn't be there to comfort you. But it was best to play it safe. When the tube was removed your little voice was so hoarse, but you didn't look or act too uncomfortable and were in good spirits. You got Daddy a couple Father's Day cards, and asked Mema to pick him up a treat from you--that was sweet! The two of you spent lots of time rocking and talking together. Aunt Paula snuck into the NICU again this morning and spent some time sitting next to you, and then later we got actual permission for her to stay! So she spent the last couple hours holding you--what a special gift that was for everyone.

Your face in this first picture makes me laugh so hard everytime I see it.

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