Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hear this!

You can hear! Mama insisted the doctors give you a hearing test...they wanted to wait until you were discharged. I was so worried you might be deaf and blind. Grammy beat me to the hospital this morning and texted me the news. I collapsed onto my bed, sobbing with relief. It seems like most of the news we receive is negative, and it's a bit overwhelming. I am thankful for this piece of good news.

I was anxious to come back to the hospital this morning and talk to you knowing you could hear me and recognize my voice. Our days are pretty easy and quiet. You are still recovering from the birthing process and do nothing but sleep all day long. You have taken a couple very small bottles, but it doesn’t seem like you are digesting much. Today they did a barium enema to watch how your food travels through your body. The results are inconclusive so they may have to do a biopsy in a few days to get more of an idea what is going on.

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