Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Changing of the Guard

This is a pretty slow week for us. We are still waiting on the results to come back--we are kind of in a holding pattern until we get some answers. The genetic reports aren't back today like we were hoping they would be. We have a pretty good system down for keeping someone by your bed at all times. The NICU closes the unit 4 times a day for shift change. I get there when it opens at 7:45a and stay until the afternoon. Grammy or Honey come at 11:00a and then the other grandma comes at 1:00p and stays until the NICU is closed at 2:45 for shift change. At 3:45p Mema comes and stays until the 6:30 shift change. Dad and I come back to see you at 7:45p and stay until the 10:45 shift change. You are getting to be a spoiled baby already, since someone is always there who wants to hold you. The nurses try to tell us we shouldn't hold you so much. But we are in the hospital! There are a whole new set of rules here! When we get home things will be different, but for now I am so glad you feel secure and comforted all day. What a blessed girl you are!

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